Drama Club Pantomime

The School Pantomime took place on Thursday 14 December, and we welcomed Year 5 students from two of our feeder primary schools to a day time performance.  The play was a classic mixture of pantomime drama skills revolving around Shrek and his Family Troubles.  Shrek took us on a journey to find his missing babies who had wondered off into the swamp where one joined a band of Pirates lead by the famous Captain Hook, another met Little Red Riding Hood and went back to karate chop the Wolf who was terrorising poor Grandma and the final Baby was kidnapped by the infamous Prince Charming who tried to hold the baby to Ransom. Shrek had to find his babies before Princess Fiona found out he had lost control of their brood.  The primary school children were treated to all the delights of the babies encounters, Shrek, Donkey and Puss bungling their way through to find them , but also a song from Arandale along with icicle glow sticks as an interval treat.

It wasn’t only the Primary children who were treated to this performance but Parents of the many all year group team that put this production together. In the evening over 200 members of the audience were entertained, sang along and waved their glow ice cubes and sticks making a spectacular scene where the play brought everyone together for a Christmas treat to remember.

Miss Lewis

Drama Department