Construction Industry Workshops

construction_workshopOn Thursday 20th April some of our Year 9 students, who may be interested in a career in the construction industry, attended an event at Braintree College where they took part in a series of workshops facilitated by construction companies, such as Tamdown and Morgan Sindall, to find out more about the variety of different careers available in these sectors. There was an opportunity to find out about training and apprenticeships provided by Colchester Institute and construction industry employers.

Year 9 student, Jasmine, shared her experience of the visit; “The new part of the building, ‘STEM’, has not been constructed yet but it’s a very good design. Inside the building is very modern and the rooms are very spacious. The care team, or assistants, there are very kind and helpful and the taster sessions were very informative. We did fun activities which included Lego blocks, planning our own town, putting cards in order, estimating the amount of bricks and the cost. After this we had presentations from professional employers in the industry that told us a bit about their companies and what they do. They gave out leaflets to inform us more about them and the opportunities they offer if we choose to take the path of a role in the construction industry. In my opinion, I think it is quite clever the way that companies in the industry work by co-operating with each other; you need a lot of team work to finish a job. I found the leaflets very informative and took many home with me. Throughout the day I learnt a lot about the industry although it is very complex and can be difficult to understand. I found it very interesting to learn more about it. Some may say there is more administrative work than practical involved but I feel there is a nice compromise of them both. This industry is fun and very interesting; I would advise you to take a closer look”.

For any student who is interested in a career in the construction industry the following website will be really useful showing you the different types of jobs and the training and qualifications required; Our students were very positive about the day and our thanks go to colleagues at Braintree College and Essex County Council for inviting our students and making them feel so
welcome. Mr Pennington, Mrs Lamb and Mr Rudkins