Bloodhound SSC visits Tabor Academy

bloodhoundOn Friday 29th April the whole of Year 9 were involved in an ‘inspiration day’, provided by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Allan Read from the Bloodhound SSC team visited Tabor to run a series of activities ending with a ‘rocket car’ speed competition.

Bloodhound SCC is an organisation dedicated to breaking the world land speed record with a 1000mph rocket car; next year the team will be in South Africa attempting to break the world record.

There were over 30 teams on the day who designed and built air-rocket powered cars travelling at scale speeds of over 700mph. The prize for the winners on the day was to have their names on the rear fin of the 1000mph car as it attempts to take the land speed record. After a long series of races the winners were Katrina, Kodi, Sophie and Nicole. Allan congratulated all of our students for their ingenuity and enthusiasm during the event.

Mr Baker,
Technology Teacher